How it works

Silent Disco is the method of transmitting one, two or three channels of music simultaneously via the special headsets. Guests can hear the music at a level that is comfortable for themselves. Other guests may choose a different channel, however, dance at the same time.


Other guests that prefer to chat are not having to compete with a loud and more traditional method of a large sound reinforcement PA system.


Silent Discos are also very beneficial for venues where sound issues with neighbours can be problematical.


This can allow venues to enjoy longer revenue sources from bar sales as the guests are more likely to stay longer because the music continues after any imposed restrictions on Amplified Music.


This is of particular benefit for Hotels where other guests not attending the function are not disturbed by a booming bass.


Some level of noise is still generated by the guests attending the function through the singing along to the music, however, this is not the normal booming bass that is generally a cause of complaint.

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Q: What is a silent disco?

A:Already explained in the How it works.


Q; Can I have a silent disco anywhere?

A: Literally anywhere! The  benefits of a silent disco are that there is no loud music so it can take place anywhere, anytime without causing noise pollution.. (NOISE GENERATED BY GUESTS SUCH AS LOUD SINGING OR GENERAL REVELRY  IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CLIENT TO MONITOR)

Q: What type of events can you hold a silent disco for?

A:Over the years we have been astonished by some of the venues and locations. The only place that is an absolute NO NO, is in a swimming pool, as the headsets are damaged by water. This also applies to any outside area that is inclement and the client is responsible for any damage to the headsets. Power supply is also required.

Q: We only want a few headsets do you do a small Silent Disco  package,

A: We are happy to offer a bespoke price for any type of event. There are associated costs that are not variable. The best method of obtaining our price is to contact us with your full requirements so we can calculate the best price for you.


Q: How much does a silent disco cost?

A: There are two option, Dry Hire, or The Silent Disco with a engineer on station, premium package. Once again to enable us to quote the best price we recommend that you contact us.

Q: How do we book?

A: By contacting us to ensure that we have availability for your specific date. Once everything is agreed we send out a booking reference ID number. We hold the quotation firm for 4 working days, and once we receive the payment a final confirmation is sent to the client.


Q: Are your headphones reliable?

​A: Our headphones have been purchased from a major supplier here in the UK. They use similar headsets at major festivals. All of our headsets are fully charged, cleaned and tested before delivery. While the headphones are sturdy, like all man made items they can be damaged through misuse.


 Our silent disco headphones are!

  • LED, flashing colours which illuminate when the volume is turned up. Colour indicator show which channel you are on

  • 3 channels of music, or audio simultaneously; only one channel can be heard at a time, the user needs to alter the channels to hear alternative music.

  • Fully charged before delivery

  • Receive signals up to 150 metres, giving a reception of 300 metres circle.

  • Good sound quality, with volume and channel switch control​s



Q: Is the equipment easy to setup?​

A: The dry hire packages are delivered by our engineer, and he will show how to set up the system and demonstrate it before he leaves. We have a video instruction on youtube to help users to go through the setting up of the system should they  require.


Q: Are the headphones loud enough and safe for children?

A: The headphones are lightweight, padded and have their own volume control. The parental control and monitoring is the responsibility of the person/persons in charge of the function.  These also have a volume control to enable the user to adjust to a level they are comfortable. Flashing LED lights so the choice of volume level is yours.

Q: Do you go around the venue and collect the headsets?

A: No, it is the responsibility of the client to collect the headsets and bring them to the engineer to enable them to check them over and count them in. Headsets and other equipment that are part of the silent disco system being contaminated by water, drink spillage or any other fluids will be classified as damaged.


Q:  What is the system security deposit for?

A:  The headphones and transmitters are sturdy and hard to break during normal use, however, if any of our equipment is damaged beyond repair,  you will be charged. An equipment security deposit is required for every booking to cover any missing, non returns or damaged equipment, should the amount be greater than the holding security deposit, the client is responsible to make good any difference before either the engineer leaves the venue.



The system security deposit is fully refundable when all of the hired system is returned undamaged, the engineer will make known at the time of collection if there are any issues..